School music education adapts to COVID-19 pandemic

While art education has typically been the first thing to go when times get tough, that doesn’t seem to be happening in central Illinois as students return to school amidst a global pandemic.

At Tremont Grade School, music teacher Christian Wilkey went to fairly extraordinary lengths to keep his kids singing in the face of strict public health mandates, starting with holding classes outside. Because singing and the consequent exhalation of droplets has been shown to be a very effective way to spread COVID-19, Wilkey decided that going outside is the only safe way to do it.

“We are not doing any singing inside whatsoever this year,” said Wilkey during an Aug. 18 interview. “We are going to be outside for my music class. It’s much safer than being indoors with all the recycled air, and it’s much easier to distance when you are outside.”

Musical instruments played

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