How Olivela Has Reinvented Retail And Accelerated Growth By Supporting Girls Education

Businesses that marry purpose with profit shape meaningful narratives, build bonds with consumers and carve out a competitive advantage. An excellent example of a company driving growth through impact is Olivela. Unlike many well-intended brands in the fashion and accessories space that make meaningful contributions, Olivela was designed to put impact first which in turn has accelerated its growth. I had the opportunity to speak with the luxury retailer’s Founder and CEO, Stacey Boyd, about how Olivela exemplifies how a brand can exist to solve a systemic social challenge.

Simon Mainwaring: Stacey, tell us about the origins of Olivela.

Stacey Boyd: Oli stands for ‘all of the trees’ and is a symbol of growth. Vela is Latin for the ‘sails of a ship.’  The idea is that we help

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