How to land a 6-figure coding job in tech without a college degree

  • Software developer and data scientist roles are projected to be some of the most high-paying, high-demand jobs in the coming decade. 
  • Even if you didn’t graduate with a related degree, there are plenty of accessible ways to teach yourself how to code and market your skills to employers. 
  • Join a developer community and use online resources to learn a coding language.
  • With these technical skills under your belt you can impress future employers and yield a six-figure salary. 
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Jobs in tech are still booming – and you can land many without a degree.

Some tech recruiters disregard college credentials when looking to hire new talent. Tesla CEO Elon Musk said that colleges “are not for learning,” but rather environments for students to have fun. Instead, Musk emphasized the amount of online free resources open to people hoping to gain skills. And tech companies

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The 6-Figure Tutor: Jay Veal of INC Education

On a Tuesday evening early this summer, Jay Veal fired up his laptop in Dallas for a tutoring session with a teen in Minneapolis. A rising ninth-grader, the girl had excelled with Veal’s support before her family relocated to the Twin Cities, and she wanted a bit more of a boost from her trusted tutor before starting school.

In these days of pandemic-forced virtual learning, the scenario isn’t particularly unusual. But in this case, the tutor is also the founder and CEO of a multi-state, half-million-dollar startup, INC Education, and a new nonprofit edtech venture, Black Tutors of Social Media (BTSM).

Veal’s hands-on approach has helped propel INC Education’s success since its 2015 launch, and his accessibility continues to yield dividends. “Folks like the fact that I’m still involved with students,” Veal says. “They like that they can actually reach out to

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