Win $40K to Use for Education Savings, School Expenses or Student Loans in Sootchy’s Sweepstakes

An immigrant from Lagos, Nigeria, Adefeso worked three jobs to self-fund his Harvard MBA, yet still had significant loans to repay. His passion to make college debt-free, especially for underserved students, inspired him to develop Sootchy—an AI-powered digital platform to help families maximize 529 plans to pay education costs from K-12 to college.

To highlight his mission and the importance of diversity and inclusion in tech, Adefeso formally announced the $40K sweepstakes and the upcoming launch of Sootchy during TechCrunch Disrupt 2020.  He sponsored the inaugural Include Reception at the conference, the first Include event as TechCrunch launches the program to promote diversity in the tech world.

During the virtual Include Reception, Adefeso spoke to the existing disparity in wealth, and lack of education funds, for underserved communities, and led a roundtable discussion on diversity in the tech industry.

With the Sootchy Sweepstakes, Adefeso hopes to make a lasting

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