Pakistan, the dilemma of religion and science

Beside many other hackles Pakistani nation is also shackled by the dilemma of religion and science. Our biggest problem in this regard is we are not clear about what to be concern with science and what is religion to us ?In simple religion develops ethics, a freedom from the animal whims and let man to the highest panel of humanity.Science is something more to be concern with Worldly affairs not with ethics.It creates the conquest of more and more and let a man to the world which is created by its own thinking approach.Religion overlap the economical issues, diplomacy concerns, and domestic problems. We have differentiated both these terms rather than leading cohesively both. If we look at our history we came to know we had gems like Ibn e Firabi, Khuldoon, Jabir bin hayan and so many others who laid the siege of world of science. There main concern was their Center which is Islam.Science is only mere a knowledge a simple experimental knowledge which has not concern with belief, culture and morality. Western countries are lagging ethical values and facing many suicidal cases in their armed forces. They took science as their Lord rather than a simple helping descriptive knowledge.when they started worshipping science it make them coward ,whimsical and lustful creature. They started demanding those things from science which are concerned with religion.

In French Revolution the cause of their defeat is they give priority to save their materialistic things rather than to defend their territory. Now what is wrong with Pakistan?

We are flowing with water as a dead fish do, despite concerning our own beliefs and values. If science is leading globally we are with science, if religion resolving word affairs we have religious leaders in our domestic circles. Pakistani nation is no more than a puppet.

Religion blackmailing is a easy weapon to mould our nation in any shape whether this blackmailing is on text messaging or at national level it plays the same role. Just imagine the condition of that person which are blackmailed on phone by using religion. He would be no more Muslim if he did not share, repost or forward the respective message to next ten persons. How shameful for us! So, this is religion for us.

We are using mobile phones which are the smart form of science to degrade our religious values.

On the other hand when we have a matter of research in different scientific fields we are stuck at different points and we had connected those with our religion. Let suppose the Darwin’s theory of evolution is one of these hackle for our nation to inculcate into the tremendous files of biology. There are many demons we should research in these and enlighten the things which exist in reality both in view of science and religion but there is no place for a couch potato in any scenario.

About three month ago we are muddled in moon sighting technology and the traditional way of seeing moon. Despite focusing on how to resolve this matter our nation is more excited to watch the ‘TAKRA’ between minister of science and technology and a Islamic scholar. In case of COVID-19 we behave like a typical animal creature. Islam has briefly explained what should we do in pandemic? But unfortunately we are raising slogans like rebels. Focusing in its vaccine preparation we are busy in hot topics of undiscovered world like which country is responsible for assemble the virus in laboratory in real sense this is still a controversy whether this is lab made or naturally. Secondly, we are thinking that our government taking 2.5 million per dead body of COVID-19 infected person. So this is religion and science to us and still you think we are a nation a progressive nation?

In conclusion, we are not on one boat we had entangled ourselves between the sleeves of science and religion. In contrary to west they are stuck with science and worship it like lord and making their lives easier. On the other hand, we are neither enjoying the benefits of science nor of religion. In order to create peace, harmony and progress we should cohesively understand the facts of science and religion.

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