When You Are Miserable On The Job But Too Busy For A Job Search

I once had a client in the legal industry who hated his job but was so busy at work that he had no time for his job search. He worked long hours (12 was routine, but days could be longer and include weekends), so he was too exhausted to do much else by the time he got home. His schedule was volatile, so it was difficult to make plans – say, for networking after work or certainly for interviews. Finally, his workday included few, if any, breaks and always involved other people more senior to him, so it felt impossible to break away during business hours.

He couldn’t afford to leave without another job lined up. He was miserable on the job but too busy for a job search that would enable him to leave. His situation

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Not all French schools will reopen Tuesday as planned, education minster says

French officials have retreated on plans to reopen all schools Tuesday as coronavirus infections spike in the nation.

a view of a city street: Not all French schools will reopen Tuesday as planned, education minster says

© Getty
Not all French schools will reopen Tuesday as planned, education minster says

Education Minister Jean-Michel Blanquer told the French Journal du Dimanche newspaper that some schools will stay closed Tuesday but emphasized this would apply to “as few as possible.”

The schools where reopening will proceed as planned are “being decided by a day-by-day analysis based on the health situation of each territory,” Blanquer said.

His comment comes the day after a group of French doctors published an open letter calling for stricter anti-virus measures in school, including combination online and in-person instruction and masks for children as young as six, according to The Associated Press.

Under current plans, French schools are set to fully reopen with masks required for students 11 and up. The precautions are less stringent than

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EFSJclimategrant and European Science Journalist of the Year winners to be announced at ECSJ2020

The ECSJ2020 European Conference of Science Journalism (ecsj2020.eu) takes place on 1 and 2 September, as a satellite event of the Euro Science Open Forum ESOF2020 Trieste.

The programme comprises 31 experienced speakers from 14 different countries, including science journalists and journalists of general interest, researchers and scholars, science communicators, and editors. The event is fully online. The participation is free of charge, but registration is required through the conference website. One day before the event, it enjoys over registered 460 participants from 59 countries in Europe and beyond.

The event will conclude with two award ceremonies, Climate Investigation Grant and European Science Journalist of the Year award.

Keynote speakers include:

  • Pakinam Amer, science journalist and editor, MIT Knight Science Journalism Fellow (Egypt), “Journalist in a deep dive into virtuality and emerging technology”.
  • Martin Bauer, Professor of Social Psychology and Research Methodology at the London School of Economics and Political
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The Rude, Inconsiderate Things Job Seekers Are Forced To Endure In The Job Search And Interviewing Process

We’re six months into the Covid-19 pandemic and millions of Americans are out of work or desperately worried that they’ll lose their jobs. Going through this ordeal is mentally, emotionally, financially and spiritually damaging. 

To add insult to injury, instead of being empathetic, understanding and caring about people who are seeking out a new job and interviewing during this time, corporations and their representatives, according to the hundred-plus people I’ve spoken to, are indifferent and callous.

Here is what job seekers are saying about their experiences, as they look for a new job.

Juwairia Abbas was surprised and incensed when a recruiter first asked, “Are you a U.S. citizen? Do you need sponsorship?” Abbas said of the interaction, “Clearly, nothing prompts this question aside from my skin color and name.” A review of her résumé would have shown her experiences, including law school, were based in the United States. 

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Lack of COVID-19 testing at Colorado’s rural universities epitomizes higher education inequities

Adams State University President Cheryl Lovell is imploring the state — or anyone who will listen — to help connect the rural school with the COVID-19 testing it’s currently unable to afford or access, even as roughly 850 students move onto campus in the midst of a pandemic.

The Alamosa campus, known for serving a sizable population of Hispanic students and other traditionally underrepresented groups, isn’t able to test students, staff or faculty for the new coronavirus, she said.

“Not everyone lives in a metropolitan area of the state where you can find a drive-by testing site almost anywhere,” Lovell said Friday. “Help us reach a population that has been most damaged. Students of color, people of color and low income neighborhoods have been most impacted by COVID, and here’s a chance for someone to make a difference in a meaningful way for a rural community that needs it.”


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James Shaw apologises for signing-off on funding for ‘green’ private school

James Shaw wearing a suit and tie

© RNZ / Dom Thomas

Green Party co-leader James Shaw has apologised to members for signing-off on funding for a private school.

James Shaw wearing a suit and tie: Green Party co-leader James Shaw

© Provided by Radio New Zealand
Green Party co-leader James Shaw

James Shaw said he is working to find a solution. Photo: RNZ / Dom Thomas

The climate change Minister approved nearly $12 million for the ‘green’ school in Taranaki, despite his party’s stance not to fund private schools.

The money came from the government’s $3 billion ‘shovel ready’ projects fund.

Green School New Zealand, which opened in February, charges up to $24,000 a year for local students and up to $43,000 a year for international students.

The school has about 50 students, half of whom come from overseas. The funding is designed to expand the school’s capacity from 120 to 250 students.

Shaw apologised to members in a Zoom meeting last night, saying he would not make

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Hockey players begin training with basic exercise, to work on skill development next: Graham Reid | Hockey News

NEW DELHI: The Indian men’s hockey core group will focus on skill development in the next few weeks after restarting the national camp with basic training, head coach Graham Reid said on Saturday, trying to overcome from the jolt of six players contracting Covid-19.
Captain Manpreet Singh, Surender Kumar, Jaskaran Singh, Varun Kumar, Krishan Bahadur Pathak and Mandeep Singh tested positive for the virus between August 10 and 12 and were admitted to a hospital in Bengaluru.
Five players have recovered since then but Surender was readmitted to the hospital on Thursday after developing swelling on his arm. The other five may have to serve some more time in isolation before they join their teammates.

The remaining players began basic sports activities from Wednesday with focus on aerobic exercise.
“We will be using these next few weeks to work on everyone’s development plan and focus on skill development while we

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How To Spot Job Search Scams And Protect Yourself

Job-opportunity scams have risen with the growing level of unemployment. Below I explain how to spot them by analyzing an actual scam message that hoodwinked some recipients. It turns out that the scam message was sent from a real recruiter’s hacked LinkedIn account, which made this deception more believable (note: if you ever suspect your LinkedIn account has been hacked, get help here).

While reading through the warning signs I highlight in the message, keep in mind the most common types of scams:

  • “Phishing” which involves clicking on a link so you’ll a) fill out a form and submit personal and financial information for identity theft, or b) unknowingly download malicious software onto your computer.
  • Asking for money or for you to buy something. A legitimate employer will never ask you to transfer money from your account for any reason, nor will they ask you to buy anything from
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Cuts to state education aid upend hybrid learning plans at urban schools

ALBANY — State aid cuts are forcing Albany city schools to suspend all in-person learning for grades 7-12 in this fall, a plan that school officials say will result in layoffs at every level — teachers, administrators and support staff.

The school district is expecting a budget shortfall that could range from $18 million to $26 million for the coming academic year due to aid reductions related to the COVID-19 crisis.

The district had previously offered one-to-two days of in-person classes to middle and high school students per week. The hybrid learning model consisted of a teacher or supervising adult assisting the teens with their virtual school work.

Albany schools will move forward with its plan to provide virtual and in-person options for all students in K-6th grade, according to school officials.

“We are at a worldwide pandemic, education all over the country is going to have gaps. That is

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School funding attorney says he’s exploring injunction against 20% school aid cuts

More schools around New York say they are scaling back on plans for in-person learning and expanding remote instruction. They cite Gov. Andrew Cuomo’s temporary 20% cut in state aid to schools, enacted to help close a pandemic-related state budget deficit. Now, the attorney who won a court case over a lack of school funding, says the cuts might be unconstitutional, and is looking into seeking an injunction against them.  

Michael Rebell was the lead attorney in the Campaign for Fiscal Equity lawsuit. It resulted in a 2006 New York Court of Appeals decision that ordered the state to pay billions more in school aid each year, to help secure each child’s right under New York’s constitution, to a sound, basic education.

There’s been debate over whether that court order was ever fulfilled, under the tenure of Gov. Cuomo. But Rebell said a permanent 20% cut in state aid, which

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